4 Steps: Speed ​​Up Chrome and Fix Errors Without Reinstalling

Freshly installed, Chrome is a fast browser . But over time you may notice that your experience changes, and it gets somewhat slow slow. That slow running experience includes that the browser crashes, does not load the page and ghost problems, the search bar does not work well, etc.

This is not necessarily Chrome’s fault. If you’ve been using Chrome for any length of time, you’ve likely amassed quite a lot of extensions, cokies, site data , among other things.

You could optimize each of Chrome’s features, but there is also a very simple way to clean chrome without the hassle of completely uninstalling and reinstalling it: a browser reset is what you need.

When Chrome is reset:

  • Your search engine in the browser resets to the default, Google.com.
  • Your home tabs and default home page are reset.
  • the new values ​​on the tab page are reset.
  • Fixed tabs are erased.
  • Content settings (such as sites that you have given access to your webcam or that allow pop-ups) are cleared.
  • All cookies and site data are deleted.
  • All extensions and themes are disabled (but not removed).

Everything else, like bookmarks, browsing history, and stored passwords are preserved with your Chrome user profile.

In some cases, you will have to reconfigure your favorite web pages, but these kinds of minor inconveniences are worth it, having fast Google Chrome again.

How to restart Chrome

Step 1 : Just click the menu button in the upper right corner and select «Settings»

Step 2: At the bottom of the settings page, click «Show advanced settings».

Step 3: Scroll down through the settings options until you reach the bottom. There, click on «Reset Settings.»

Step 4: Lastly, you will be asked to confirm the reset.

After the restart, Chrome will be like new and faster thanks to the fact that I take a lot of weight off it.

If you continue to experience problems when resetting Chrome, it is highly recommended that you download the official Google Chrome Space Cleanup tool , to remove some kind of adware and junk that the normal reset has not been able to remove.

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