7 Best Alternatives to Cloudflare for Your Website (Free and Paid)

Cloudflare is one of the world’s leading content delivery networks (CDNs), but it also offers the full range of cloud-based solutions for website owners and network administrators free of charge to all users.

However, while the free tier speeds things up in certain cases, it doesn’t offer WAF protection , leaving your site vulnerable to targeted attacks like DDoS, spam, and bots . The Pro plan, which costs $ 20 a month, offers the firewall for protection .

Akamai is one of the largest and best known CDNs and cloud service providers in the world, and is believed to be responsible for serving 15 to 30 percent of all web traffic.

  • Stops DDoS attacks
  • Optimize the speed of content delivery.
  • Delivers 2.3Tbps of dedicated bandwidth specifically for DDoS absorption
  • It does not offer a free tier.

2. Incapsula

Incapsula is a cloud-based security platform for blogs and websites and provides DDoS protection, failover services, and load balancing.

  • Bots recognition engine.
  • Additional protection against DDoS attacks
  • Offers a free tier with no protection.
  • Traffic information analysis tools.

3. Amazon CloudFront

CloudFront is one of Amazon’s massive AWS (Amazon Web Services) platforms, but it is one of the best at what it does, although it can be significantly more expensive.

  • It offers any type of web content, be it dynamic, static or streaming.
  • Great graphical interface.
  • Dynamic scaling to allocate hardware resources when there are high traffic spikes.
  • One of the best in protection against DDoS attacks.

4. StackPath

Stackpath is built on the open source MaxCDN platform that was acquired by the company last year.

  • Integrated web application firewall.
  • Fully documented API.
  • Updates, purge and analytics in real time.
  • Affordable prices from $ 20 / month to $ 600 / month.
  • All plans come with SSL, WAF and DDoS protection.

5. Fastly

Fastly was only founded in 2011, and has already become a name to be reckoned with in the industry.

  • Instant configuration updates, instant purge, dynamic content caching.
  • Logs and analysis in real time.
  • Protection against traffic spikes.
  • Private CDN, Web Application Firewall and Image Optimizer.
  • Prices with known total requests and data transfer volumes.
  • API with documentation.
  • Free trial

Web Link: Fastly

Protect DDoS Attacks With Cloudflare Free

Lastly, we’ll look at two companies like Cloudflare that offer protection against malicious traffic, but unlike their more illustrious counterpart, they don’t offer CDN services.

So, if you use Cloudflare’s free tier and are looking for inexpensive but effective protection against targeted attacks, these are the services you need to check out.

6. Sucuri

Sucuri blocks DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and XSS JavaScript hacks, while allowing its customers to use custom SSL certificates with some of its plans.

Regardless of whether you are running a WordPress blog, a Magento eCommerce portal, or a phpbb forum. It also supports open source CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, and v Bulletin, along with Microsoft’s .Net Framework.

Sucuri doesn’t offer a free plan, but its basic paid tier is significantly cheaper than Cloudflare’s Pro plan.

Web Link: Sucuri (Prices from $ 16.66 / month)

7. Reblaze

Reblaze is an Israeli company with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States and claims to have successfully protected many «high-profile clients» from a wide range of attacks, including SQL injection, XSS and DDoS.

  • Block incoming traffic from specific countries, cities, networks, companies, and anonymous networks.
  • Protect your clients from hackers.

Web Link: Reblaze (Prices on request)

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