7 Best Email Clients for Windows 10

Manage all your email accounts on your desktop or on your Android Mobile device with the best free email client for Windows 7/8/10.

If you have multiple accounts for personal and work use, the best option is to have a tool to manage all the accounts and even more so when they are from different providers such as: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and business or educational domain.

In this way you will be able to receive, answer and compose emails from a single inbox.

In addition, managing messages, it also integrates with other applications such as calendars, RSS, messaging applications and social networks.

  • Support for multiple accounts (supports IMAP and POP3) and Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and Outlook.com Full touch support.
  • Integrated messaging applications like Jabber and Google Chat.
  • Integrated Unified Email Inbox and Task Management applications.
  • Supports 17 languages
  • Integrated calendar apps
  • Personalization (colors and design)
  • Download: Official Site


It is specially designed for encrypted and digitally signed emails so that they remain safe while being transmitted over the Internet.

For everyday use, Inky is great, with a smart auto-tagging feature, smart filtering by message types (personal, subscriptions, social, notes, etc.), quick search, and cloud syncing between devices.

  • Verify the identity of each email sender.
  • Protection against phishing, impersonation and counterfeiting.
  • Support for Office 365, Hosted Exchange and G Suite, iOS and Android natively.
  • Inky is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It even works right inside Outlook and Gmail.
  • Download: Official Site

Opera Mail

Opera Mail A flexible open source email client from the team behind Opera’s excellent web browser.

It is a lightweight and customizable email client for Windows PC. The software makes it really easy to read your emails, tag them however you want, and also do filtering to get to the emails you really want to read.

Its features include message templates, particularly useful for business use, message filtering and classification, message classification by type, and a wide range of customization options.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird has a ton of features, and even more available with free extensions, as you’d expect from Mozilla (The same creators of the Firefox browser). Like the web browser, its features can be expanded and improved with a wide range of third-party plugins.

Some of its great built-in features include the ability to link files that are too large for email and the ability to read RSS news feeds alongside your email.

Configuration is simple; As with most modern email clients, all you need are your usernames and passwords, and Thunderbird takes care of the rest.

EM Client

EM Client is the oldest (More than 10 Years since created) and perhaps that is why it has managed to become the best email client for PC, which is supported by all email providers.

It has two versions: Free and one paid. It differs in that the free one only allows 2 accounts and of non-commercial use. The rest has the same functions as the payment one.

Service support: Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and Outlook.com, touch controls, search, integrated chat, calendar and integrated contacts.

Client integrated in Operating System

Windows 10 Mail

Windows 10 incorporates an application for managing multiple email accounts from the main providers. Its interface is very easy and intuitive to use. Like other apps, it includes calendar and Contacts. For the organization of emails, it allows you to create and import folders from services such as Outlook, Yahoo !, Gmail and your own domain.

Web Client

Gmail Web App

A very complete alternative is Gmail web to use it from your favorite web browser on your computer. Since it allows you to import emails from other accounts: Hotmail or your own domain. Along with the recent change in its interface comes with new functions:

  • Direct buttons to archive, delete, mark as read or postpone each email.
  • Postpone emails to read later: at night, tomorrow, next week or some day with a specific date.
  • Reply to emails with suggested messages using google artificial intelligence .
  • Customize your inbox: Density messages, icons, views and themes with background colors and images.
  • View calendar , notes from google keep and tasks from Google Tasks while checking your mailbox.
  • Send files confidentially : With expiration date, access code or prevent download or copy and paste.

Web Link: Gmail.com

Note : To test the new Gmail you have to go to the settings and then select «Test new Gmail.»

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