5 Best Action Cameras to Record a Sports Activity

These cameras are capable of capturing images and video in high quality while you are practicing a sport or doing a movement.

Their sizes and accessories are ideal for recording a sports activity both in photography and video. One of the first in this segment was the GoPro but now there are similar ones in the market that compete to be the best seller and for this reason we bring the best action cameras on top .

  • Contains an improved HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization system for all shooting modes and an additional software enhancement option thanks to its Boost function
  • Shooting Modes: Burst, Night Photo, Loop Recording, Super Photo, Time Lapse, Time Lapse Photo (Standard & Night), LiveBurst, Slow Motion (8x), TimeWarp 2.0 Video
  • Streamlined design, frameless mounting with built-in folding mounting adapters, more compact and 14% lighter, contains a built-in mounting slot, allowing you to not depend on a housing to connect to other accessories and noteworthy that it is structural robust made of a new layer of Gorilla Glass
  • CONNECTION & PORTS: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB-C
  • Price: $ 349 from Amazon


WEIGHT : 126 grams | SUBMERSIBLE : 10 Meters | 4K VIDEO : Up to 60 fps | 1080p: Up to 240 fps | CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 12 MP | BATTERY LIFE: Not Defined


  • It improves the dynamic range in HDR video mode, capturing details that are often lost in environments with complex lighting, it also has the DJI Mimo application with powerful editing tools and is 16% more efficient in the cooling system, allowing to quickly dissipate the heat generated
  • Crisp, hyper-responsive dual displays
  • Custom exposure settings, time lapse, timed shooting mode
  • Combining a user interface to provide fast and flexible operation through power, record and setup modes, the lens features three aspherical layers that effectively reduce glare and distortion, providing sharp images even in direct sunlight and a protective anti-fingerprint layer on the lens filter cap
  • CONNECTION & PORTS: Wifi, Bluetooth, MicroSD and USB type C port
  • Price: $ 275 from Amazon


WEIGHT : 124 grams | SUBMERSIBLE : 11 Meters | 4K VIDEO : Up to 60 fps | 1080p: Up to 240 fps | 720p: Up to 240 fps | CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 12 MP | BATTERY LIFE : 135 minutes


  • It is the smallest 3-axis stabilized camera that DJI has designed, in addition, it has a silent cooling system
  • Enhance the photography experience with intuitive features and allow full customization
  • Features FPV, ActiveTrack, Motionlapse, Night Shot, and 3 × 3 Panorama
  • It is designed in plastic and metal, in addition, this camera has a set of accessories that allow you to expand creativity when filming and photographing images, it is light
  • CONNECTION & PORTS: microSD card port, USB.C and universal port
  • For more comfortable control, it can be used in conjunction with the Smartphone, to obtain full visibility of the video or photo capture, as well as quick and convenient access to advanced configuration options.
  • Price: $ 399 from Amazon


WEIGHT : 116 grams | SUBMERSIBLE : With accessory | 4K VIDEO : Up to 60 fps | 1080p: Up to 120 fps | 720p: Up to 240 fps | CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 12 MP. | BATTERY LIFE : 140 minutes


  • It has a video stabilization system called Max HyperSmooth and the inclusion of the double camera system that allows recording videos in 360 degrees
  • The action camera is larger than other models thanks to its double lens, it also has a double template system at the bottom that allows the sports camera to be attached to any accessory
  • Opt for non-replaceable fixed lenses, so the use of filters for images will still be excluded for now; in addition to the inclusion of the integrated mounting system, which allows the camera to be used without the need for a housing
  • CONNECTION & PORTS: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB-C
  • Price: $ 499 from Amazon


WEIGHT : 155 grams | SUBMERSIBLE : 5 Meters | 4K VIDEO : Up to 60 fps | 1080p: Up to 240 fps | 720p: Up to 240 fps | CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 16.6 MP | BATTERY LIFE: 6 hours

YI 4K + ACTION CAMERA – More Affordable

  • Its attraction is the video function it has and the quality of its images, with respect to its design, does not vary significantly from the previous one.
  • It has the following capture modes: Video, Photo, Timelapse, Slow Motion, Video + Photo, Loop
  • Its body is made of plastic, however, it is important to use a shell to help absorb possible impacts.
  • CONNECTION & PORTS: USB C, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi
  • Price: $ 131.95 from Amazon


WEIGHT : 95.3 grams | SUBMERSIBLE : Not Defined | 4K VIDEO : Up to 60 fps | 1080p: Up to 240 fps | 720p: Up to 240 fps | CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 12 MP | BATTERY LIFE : 127 minutes

AKASO EK7000 4K – Cheaper

  • The camera has 4 times higher resolution compared to a traditional HD camera
  • It is compatible with GoPro mounts and the image quality is very strong and equivalent to any old GoPro camera, plus it has a wide 170-degree view to capture sports and family videos with ease.
  • Photo, video, burst photo modes
  • Its design is clearly an imitation of the GoPro
  • Price: $ 59.49 from Amazon


WEIGHT : 721 grams | SUBMERSIBLE : 30 Meters | 4K VIDEO : Up to 25 fps | 1080p: Up to 240 fps | 720p: Up to 240 fps | CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 12 MP. | BATTERY LIFE : 100 minutes

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