20 Best Alternatives to PowerPoint (+ Online and Animated)

Making a nice, well-designed presentation shouldn’t be that difficult. That’s the goal of a wave of new presentation software , including simpler online versions of PowerPoint and Keynote .

These new tools are easier to use, give you the ability to collaborate with others – sometimes in real time, and allow you to edit your presentation on any computer connected to the Internet.

In addition to being able to create animated online presentations with 3D designs and defined templates to create impressive slides on your Mobile or PC.

  • Create presentations in the cloud with collaboration.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Includes very beginner-friendly slide transitions and animations.
  • Create Slides between several members in real time.
  • Collaborators can chat with the built-in instant messaging feature.
  • Record of changes with revision history.
  • Prices: Free with 15GB Free on google drive.
  • Web Link: Google Slides

Zoho Show with built-in sharing options

  • Online alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Docs.
  • It offers a low cost way to make slideshows in your web browser.
  • Tabbed interface and simple drop-down menus.
  • If you are used to PowerPoint, Zoho Show allows you to create content instantly by clicking on the text boxes.
  • Create presentations remotely in real time to anyone on the web.
  • Tool to carry out a remote conference.
  • Prices: free; additional storage and features starting at $ 5 / month
  • Web Link: Zoho Show

3. Slides a modern version of presentations

  • Create your own slide styles using beautiful fonts, shapes, smooth transitions, and color sets that look great in any modern browser.
  • The presentations are hosted on the web and can be easily shared.
  • Clean-modern and fresh interface, with a unique design.
  • It includes code syntax and with a Pro plan, you can add custom CSS to your presentations.
  • Prices: free for public presentations; Plans starting at $ 5 / month for private presentations and more.
  • Web Link: Slides .

Prezi Create animated, non-linear slides

  • Creating is a simple, non-linear, dynamic presentation show.
  • Select themes to be animated, adding a series of objects.
  • As you progress through your presentation, Prezi zooms in and out of the background to display each of its frames.
  • Instead of a parade of still images, your presentation will be a dynamic visual tool, perfect for keeping your presentations interesting, even if your subject is boring.
  • Price: Free for public presentations and plans starting at $ 7 / month for private presentations.
  • Web Link: Prezi

Tutorial: How to use Prezi

Ludus Best Alternative to Animated PowerPoint

  • Web service
  • It allows combining with web content such as YouTube video or Gif online.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Combine images with graphic elements, text and colors.
  • Integration with services such as Google Maps, Instagram, Dropbox, Giphy, SoundCloud and many more.
  • Works offline or offline
  • Export the presentation in HDML and PDF format.
  • Web Link: Ludus

Canva for creative online presentations

  • The application includes a large library of specially formatted images, backgrounds and text boxes.
  • The entire interface is drag-and-drop, so you can adjust your slideshow to look exactly the way you want.
  • Canva has a wide range of built-in designs for any occasion – from professional presentations to travel guides.
  • Price: Free, with paid images and designs starting at $ 1
  • Web Link: Canva

Swipe for interactive slides

Swipe, another great tool for simple presentations, lets you quickly make slides by dragging and dropping on the media you want to include. It then allows you to choose a solid color background and add Markdown formatted text to present your presentation online.

Prices: free for 2 presentations; Starting at $ 15 / month for unlimited presentations and additional features. Link

8. Haiku Deck Presentations with artificial intelligence

the most useful and unique feature is its artificial intelligence tool, Zuru. Zuru works with an existing outline or presentation and builds the slides for you, assembling the slide formats and choosing the images and styles.

This tool is ideal for someone who needs a fancy presentation, but doesn’t have the time or skill to put together the slides. Link

Slidebean for automatic slide creation

If you want to skip the tedious process of formatting presentations, Slidebean is for you. When starting a new presentation, all you have to do is verify the text, images and videos that you want to include. Next, select a theme and Slidebean will create a presentation for you, complete with formatting. Link

Slidebean Price: Plans starting at $ 24 / mo.

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