15 Best ANDROID Emulators for Windows PC

In the list of the best Android emulators Discover the best for Windows PCs , Mac Os and linux in this 2020.

Let’s see the list of  which is the best android emulator to play android games like Free Fire , Pokemon Go on a low-resource laptop since these emulators are light and fast that can even be installed as an operating system .

Other emulators are better to clone android applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and test new versions of Android like Oreo and Android 9.0 and Q Pie .

It is an emulator for PC with few resources who want to use it to play games, make game hacks since it allows you to have several Android emulators independently and run them at the same time.

  • Multiple instances: Android versions 4.4, 5.1 and 7.1.
  • Customize the consumption of resources in RAM and CPU: from 1GB.
  • Custom keymap to play with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Root access, virtual GPS, IMEI generator, phone and Mac Address.
  • Record screen on video and take screenshots.
  • Download Games from Play Store (Included)
  • Download: Memu Play (Free)

Nox Player – Whatsapp, free fire, Pokemon GO …

With a neat and clean user interface, Nox App Player is very lightweight for running Android applications.

  • Compatible with light and heavy games like Free Fire.
  • It comes with Root or Rooted Access.
  • Customize the redemption for resource consumption in RAM, CPU, Graphics and Resolution.
  • Add a phone number, IMEI and fake GPS location.
  • Take Screenshots, record screen on video.
  • Install APK app by dragging from the PC and dedicated folders for files to transfer.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to play with customization of keys.
  • Download:   Nox App Player  |

Phoenix OS – install without emulator

It is an Android operating system for those computers with x86 architecture.

  • It is Compatible with Intel and AMD equipment.
  • Can be installed in DualBoot mode with Windows (10, 8 and 7)
  • Some games support keyboard shortcuts and mouse movement.
  • Its interface is minimalist with windows apps style with multiple windows.
  • Support Ethernet or cable connection, cloning of apps and integrated own apps (Browser, file manager, etc).
  • Download: Phoenix OS (Free)

Tencent Gaming Buddy – Play with mouse and keyboard (pubg Mobile)

The best emulator created to play PUBG Mobile PC using the mouse and keyboard .. At the moment it is free and it is only available for windows.

  • Compatible with the most popular Android games.
  • Games are downloaded only through the emulator without Google Play Store.
  • Simple interface with only 4 buttons: Login, My Games, Game Store and Live.
  • Download: Tencent Gaming Buddy (Free)

LDPlayer – Light and Fast

This Emulator runs with Android 5.1 and includes by default Google Play Store to install games and applications from the google store.

  • It is Customizable: Adjust the consumption of RAM, CPU and even the size of the emulator on the disk in a fixed or dynamic way.
  • Root access with Multi instances (multiple emulators)
  • Change properties: IMEI, Manufacturer, model, phone number, device type.
  • Optimized settings for games, on-screen simulation of touch controls.
  • install APK apps with the shared folder between the PC and the emulator.
  • Record screen, virtual GPS and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Download: LDPlayer Emulator (Free)

Bliss OS – Android 9.0 Pie Dual Boot Operating System

This version of Android is ideal to test the new versions of android or to install in DualBoot with Windows.

  • Android version 9.0 installed.
  • Root access or rooted Emulator.
  • includes F-Droid as an alternative to the Play Store.
  • It can be installed as an operating system on your PC.
  • Create a Dual Boot to use Android and Windows on PC.
  • Test from a USB stick or Virtual Machine.
  • Download: Bliss OS (Free) | See: Installation tutorial

Bluestacks 4.0 – Best Emulator to Play

Remarkable emulator to play any Android game on your PC and test Software applications.

  • Android version: Nougat 7.0, available for both Windows PC and Mac for free.
  • 96% of applications and games are compatible.
  • Multi-touch input support and keyboard and mouse integration.
  • Native Windows graphics support, sensors, and camera are built in for a complete Android experience.
  • Android-TV support and developer testing.
  • Root Version available.
  • Download:   Bluestacks 4.3 (2020)

Android x86 – VirtualBox Emulator

Once you have downloaded the ISO file, Android can be installed virtually on your PC with Virtual Box.

  • Full component control.
  • It can perform all actions of the installed Android version.
  • RAM, CPU, Graphics can be allocated for your Android OS according to your needs.
  • It is easy to remove / uninstall Android OS in VirtualBox.
  • Download: Android x86 (Free) .
  • Tutorial: install Android x86 in Virtualbox .

ARChon – Emulator with Chrome

Run Android applications with Google Chrome on Mac OS, Linux and any version of Windows. The requirement is that you have Chrome version 37 installed onwards.

Download ARChjon Emulator + Tutorial


KoPlayer is a recent Android emulator for PC. You will be able to use the keyboard setup to emulate a game controller. Players will also be able to record the game. The installation process is quite easy. Like most emulators, it has random problems. However, it is a free option that is worth a try.

Download KoPlayer Emulator + TUTORIAL


Genymotion is a great alternative for Bluestacks dedicated to testing or deploying Android applications. It has an excellent build quality, along with developer features. You can use the PC or laptop camera for video conferencing with friends.

For developers it is full of options, test your website with the different web browsers for Android and see the responsiveness.

  • It is compatible with all OS: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Resizable windows.
  • Supported Java API.
  • Equipped with screencasts.
  • One click button customizable: IMEI, MEID, Android ID.
  • Drag and install applications.
  • OpenGL acceleration.
  • CPU virtualization.
  • Download Emulated Genymotion + Google Play and Tutorial

Android Dual Boot with Windows PC

The last option for this top android emulator is a bit more advanced. But if you have a computer with few resources, the ideal is to dual boot between Android and Windows PC.

The best way to do this is using ReInternet OS Android. It works for Windows and Mac OS. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Download ReInternet OS Android + Tutorial

SmartGaGa – Light for games

Its development with the TITAN engine (the world’s leading non-virtualized emulator technology) manages to consume few PC resources to play or run Android Apps on Windows.

  • Android version 4.4 with Google Play Store and pre-installed play Games.
  • Gaming Mapping: Virtual keys to play.
  • Have multiple emulators running independently.
  • Virtual GPS: To establish a location anywhere.
  • Set up RAM, CPU and render usage.
  • Choose the resolution for games like PUBG Mobile that from 720p up to 2K.
  • Download: SmartGaGa Emulator (Free)
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