Top40: Best Applications for iPad Pro (Essential)

They are the best applications for iPad Pro and the latest iPad models. They are free and paid applications that have a great development quality due to their functions and interface.

I have organized this first collection of iPad applications into 5 broad categories: Creative, Productivity , Note-taking, Education, and other interesting applications for students, writers, producers, designers, and general enthusiasts.

After its success in the desktop version as a competition for Adobe Illustrator, it comes to iPad with almost the same functions.

  • Create any type of vector design quickly and smoothly.
  • Optimized for iPad with metallurgical acceleration, pressure sensitivity with Apple Pencil, and iCloud Drive integration.
  • Multiple vector tools, pen, raster, merge and many more.

Download | Apple Store ($ 14.99)

Paper 3

A very powerful sketching application that allows you to draw, create sketches and diagrams with a first-rate toolbox. In addition to creating notes and taking photos to draw or capture any idea on the image. Once the note is created it is exported in PDF, keynote and PowerPoint. Download App Store (Free)

Adobe capture CC

Use the camera as inspiration and creativity for your design projects. The application captures the information in shapes, motifs, colors, brushes that it sees through the camera to later be used in the creation of graphics with applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Adobe Premiere. Download App Store (Free).


It is one of the applications selected as essential in the App Store. This powerful app allows you to create sketches, paint and illustrations with hundreds of tools available to combine.

  • Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
  • High resolution canvases
  • Continuous saving with up to 250 levels to undo and redo.
  • 128 Brushes
  • advanced layering system
  • Just effects
  • Function to record work in real time with fast camera.

Download App Store ($ 9.99)

Affinity Photo

It is the most complete and professional editing tool for iPad. It’s like desktop Photoshop.

  • Edit with unlimited layers, create layer groups and masks.
  • Revision history to undo whenever you want.
  • Professional image processing: RAW.
  • HDR, 360 and panoramic image support.
  • Extensive collection of retouching tools, effects, and brushes.
  • Photoshop files compatible: PSD
  • Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Brush.

Download App Store ($ 19.99)


Make musical compositions by creating, editing and playing orchestrations. Notion shows the actual audio thanks to its recording by the London Symphony Orchestra.

  • Includes various instruments: Piano, guitars, keyboards, electric bass.
  • Create, edit and play notations.
  • Synchronize orchestrations with other devices: Windows and mac using Dropbox and iCloud.
  • Record MIDI inputs.
  • Extensive collection of guitar and orchestral functions.

Sharp 3D

The professional 3D CAD tool for iPad Pro designed for architects, industrial designers and hobbyist draftsmen who want to draw 3D shapes and then transform them into objects quickly and accurately.

Note: Compatible with CAD program files: Solid works, AutoCAD, Rhino3D, inventor, fusion360, among others.

Polarr Photo Editor

It seems yet another application of filters, but polarr allows you to create your own filters thanks to an advanced set of tools.

  • Retouch multiple faces, adjust color and light of an image.
  • Adjust the details of a landscape-type photograph.
  • Add artistic and professional edition effects.

Lumafusion – Best Video Editor

It is a powerful video editor from the same creators of Pinacle Studio for desktop.

  • 6 Tracks for videos, audio, photos and titles.
  • Basic one-touch video editing functions.
  • Real-time audio Interneter.
  • Effects and filters for videos.
  • Add unlimited key frames.
  • Real-time preview
  • Fast and slow camera
  • Add titles with customization.
  • Import files from Dropbox, google drive, etc.
  • Share videos to the cloud or post to YouTube in various qualities, including 4K.


Since its creation, it has been the basic alternative to Adobe Photoshop by allowing you to create and edit photos in layers.

It has powerful creative tools, painting tools, professional color correction, retouching, realistic effects, layer styles, compatible with Photoshop PSD formats and export to iCloud and other services.

Download App Store ($ 9.99)

Astropad Studio

Turn your IPad Pro into a graphics tablet for your MacBook or mac. It is compatible with programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and other apps for Mac OS.

Download Apps Store

Productivity Applications


It is the best application to create annotations on images and screenshots.

  • add rectangles, arrows, lines, ovals, and text.
  • Customize the text font with size, color and outlines.
  • Hide parts of the image with the blur and pixelation effect.
  • Highlight areas of the image or use the Magnifying Glass for a zoom effect.

Duet Display

If you have a Mac, you can take full advantage of the iPad Pro screen by easily mirroring the screen with the help of the Lightning cable. If you have a second touch screen that works perfectly with gestures and the Apple Pencil. As its connection is by cable, it offers speed without delays.

Download App Store ($ 9.99)

Luna Display – Convert to monitor

It turns iPad into a secondary monitor and the best thing is that you can do it wirelessly (using an additional device). Works Perfect via Wi-Fi between Mac and iPad to use even as the main screen if you have a Mac Mini. If you open Luna Display, MacOS runs on your ipad and when you close the app it returns to your normal iPad.

Download | App Store


It is a tool very similar to trello, which allows us to manage tasks in a simple way in collaboration.

  • It works with the methodology of Kanban Boards or event manager.
  • Create projects with your work team.
  • Customize the boards for each project.
  • To-do widget.
  • Upload files from Dropbox, iCloud, or the gallery.
  • Add comments, subtasks, due dates, tags, etc.

Download Apps Store (Free)

Microsoft Word

The popular application for creating documents on a computer has become essential for creating and editing documents on the ipad.

  • Synchronize documents with Word, OneDrive or local.
  • Add images, tables, graphs, footnotes, format.
  • Edit with the same format as the PC, Mac and mobiles.
  • Track changes and work in real time with other people.
  • Optimized for iPad with multitasking.

Download Apps Store (Free)

Spark 2

Avoid having that inbox full of emails that seems overwhelming and chaotic. Spark is the definitive application to manage your email accounts.

  • It has an intelligent mailbox to group mail by subject.
  • Quick responses to emails so they know you’ve read them.
  • Smart notifications.
  • Save attachments to iCloud Drive, google drive, Dropbox, Evernote and other apps that can be integrated.
  • Fully customize your inbox and even the calendar widget.
  • Ideal email client for startups and companies focused on the collaboration of creating and answering emails between various team members.
  • Integrated chat within the email to avoid a long chain of replied emails.
  • Create email links and share internally for later editing according to role.
  • Integration with more apps like evernote, dropbox, trillo, Todoist, etc.

Download Apps Store (Free)

PDF Expert 6

Fully manage your PDF files: Read, edit, annotate and create PDF documents from the ipad or iPhone.

    • View two pages at a time in a PDF document.
    • Drag and drop files from the cloud quickly.
    • Convert images and Word documents and pages to PDF.
    • You sign documents by hand or with stamps.
    • Combine multiple PDFs.
    • Fill in PDF forms.
    • Open iWork documents, Microsoft Office, media files, and files from the cloud.
    • Encrypt and password to PDF files.

Download | App Store (10.99 Euros)

Scanner Pro

Convert your iPad into a document scanner and secondly send it as an email attachment or save the files in the cloud: Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.

      • It has text recognition (OCR)
      • Convert to PDF with editable text.
      • Advanced image processing with automatic edge stop.

Download Apps Store ($ 9.99)

Note-taking apps

MyScript Nebo

Take notes by hand or with Apple Pencil and convert text to digital with MyScript Nebo. In addition to making concept maps and formulas.

      • Edit and format your notes.
      • Create editable equations.
      • Add diagrams and drawings.
      • Save the notes and export text in PDF, html or word.

Download Apps Store (2.99)


Another must-have iPad app that lets you take notes by hand or with the Apple Pencil.

      • annotate PDF documents.
      • Create schematics or sketches.
      • Record audio in a note: Record the classes.
      • Add text, predesigned objects or content from the gallery and the internet.
      • Brush tools: Color, thickness and styles.
      • Share notes on Dropbox, Google drive or PDF.


It is a multiplatform application that allows you to manage and organize all your notes with a large collection of functions and tools.

      • Create notebooks, notes, to-do lists.
      • Create notes in various styles: text, audio, drawings, videos, pdf files and even web captures.
      • Scan documents with the camera.
      • Automatic synchronization and tool to share and collaborate with other people on the notes.
      • Choose the background color and paper.

Download Apps Store (Free)

Tayasui Memopad

A simple app for quick drawing and sharing. It has several realistic brushes to create all kinds of drawings, as well as a wide palette of colors and the possibility of importing photos for the background of the drawing.

Download Apps Store (Free)

Goodnotes 4

Take handwritten or Apple Pencil notes and annotate PDF documents.

      • It features digital ink technology to make it look good on high-resolution displays.
      • Search within the handmade notes.
      • insert pictures or draw easily.
      • Import PDF, Microsoft Word and Power Point files.
      • Choose the background paper or insert an image as a template.

Microsoft OneNote

Create, capture, organize and share your notes from any device.

      • Take notes of any idea or event in text or drawing.
      • Group notes by subject.
      • Synchronization with other devices through OneDrive.
      • Create to-do and checklists.
      • Import images, videos, links and any type of content to the notes.
      • Protect notes with Touch ID.

To learn

Swift Playgrounds

The application to learn to program on your iPad. No matter the level or age, with this app you will learn to create code in a fun way with guided lessons.

Download App Store (Free)


It is the best application to learn any language on your iPhone or iPad.

      • Learn English, German, French, Portuguese for free.
      • Organized by small units in learning levels.
      • interact in the lessons with images, text and voice.

Explain everything

Create animations, record, annotate, collaborate and share your ideas with colleagues or students.

      • Create slides on this digital whiteboard to draw your ideas.
      • Add text, audio, images, and videos.
      • Create an interactive video and share on youtube or in MP4.

to download

Complete Anatomy

It is the most complete and advanced application to learn anatomy. Its innovative learning tools and 3D models with audio and motion recordings make studying the structure of the human body enjoyable.

      • More than 6,200 anatomical structures in HD and 3D.
      • Choose each of the systems to study.
      • Definitions and audios of each of the parts.
      • Draw and create notes.
      • Interactive quiz and evaluation test.

Kitchen Stories

A book to learn how to cook the best recipes in the world. They are easy recipes to prepare with tophi and step by step instructions. In addition to a video where he shows you how to prepare food and information about the ingredients.

Save your favorite recipes in your cookbook and create your shopping list.

Download App Store (Free)


It is your personalized music teacher to learn to play guitar, piano, bass and ukulele. The app listens to you and evaluates you immediately with feedback on precision and coordination.

There are more than 1500 missions and exercises that you must carry out to fully master your musical instrument.

Download App Store (Free with subscription)


Take the popular TED talks on your iPad. It has more than 2000 talks by important and Software people on different topics and styles.

From personal development to the latest technology. The chalas also feature subtitles, offline playback, and custom playlists.

Download App Store (Free)

More Applications


It is a coloring book for adults to help you relax or reduce stress. Paint like paper with more than 21 types of pencils, markers and brushes. It has more than 350 pages for free.

Download App Store (Free)


It is the application with which you made the articles and organized all the texts for the episodes and publications.

It is a text editor with a simple but very western interface to write without distractions.

      • Writing modes: Typewriter and full screen.
      • Detailed statistics: Number of words, characters, pages, time, etc.
      • Simple markup for titles, lists, citations, insert links, images, keywords.
      • Advanced organization system.
      • Synchronization with iCloud and Dropbox.
      • Export in PDF, Docx, Markdown, html and ePub formats.


It is an application to automate system tasks and applications. There are more than 200 Actions that can be performed and combined with the app such as contacts, calendar, photos, safari, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote and many more.

Once the application is installed, head over to the gallery section to see what you can do.

Download App Store (Free)

Coda 2

If you are a programmer there is no doubt that you have to have this application on your iPad Pro. It is ideal for creating, editing and executing code if you are building a website. It also works in multitasking with safari to see and execute the code at the same time.

Download App Store ($ 24.99)

Asphalt Extreme

And I finish with this game so that you know the quality of games that are available for iPad.

It is a racing game that has more than 30 monstrous machines to play in circuit mode or multiplayer mode in real time in more than 400 events and 500 challenges.

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