10 Best Cloud Storage Services (Pro and Cons)

According to a recent IBM blog post , individuals and businesses will follow the trend of reducing the need for hardware and instead use cloud services .

Given the number of cloud services out there for storing files , it is important to be careful when choosing your storage provider and not get carried away by low costs and bandwidth. First of taking into account the security of the data.

For these reasons I am going to mention the best free and paid cloud storage services with their respective advantages and disadvantages .

Most Secure and Popular Cloud Services

Google drive

It’s a natural choice for Android device owners, coming pre-installed and offering generous free storage. You can also store photos with the help of Google photos in an unlimited way.

Advantages :

  • 15Gb of free Storage.
  • Family Plan (5 Members) to share paid storage with Google One.
  • Small business plans like G Suite
  • Apps for Mac, PC, iOS and Android.
  • Share files and folders with anyone.
  • Create text documents, spreadsheets and google presentation.
  • Collaborate in real time with other colleagues.
  • Trash for 30 days and file versions.
  • Add-ons to create files with third-party App.
  • Google drive for Business with G Suite.

Disadvantages :

  • Synchronization of Mac and Windows apps is not that good.
  • Gmail also occupies 15GB Free

Get Free: Google Drive


Ondrive is microsoft’s storage service, therefore it is integrated into the entire microsoft ecosystem: Windows and Office.


  • 5Gb Free and 50GB for 1.99 per month.
  • Pre-installed on Windows 10 and Office 365.
  • Apps for Android, iOS.
  • Synchronization on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Work as a team with Word, excel, PowerPoint and one note.
  • Annotations and signatures in PDF.
  • Onedrive for Companies: From 1TB for 5USD.


  • Applications are not well optimized.
  • Lack of integration with third-party apps.,

Get Free: OneDrive


It is the oldest that continues to offer 2GB free but you can upload up to 16GB for free if you follow Dropbox on social networks and invite your friends to join.

Advantages :

  • Recover deleted files and revision control
  • Applications for Computers, Mobile Phones and Tablets (Android / iOS …)
  • Manage files from the web.
  • Share files
  • Smart Synchronization (Selective)
  • Dropbox Paper App (Create documents between collaborators in real time).
  • integration with third-party apps
  • Dropbox Business (2T / Unlimited from 3 employees)


  • Little free space
  • Personal payment plans only 1TB for 9.99 USD.
  • Free version maximum 3 devices.

Get Free: Dropbox

iCloud Drive

It is Apple’s cloud service that is integrated into Mac and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Also synchronize the documents created in Apple’s office automation: iWork.

Advantages :

  • 5GB of free storage.
  • Pre-installed on all Macs and iOS.
  • Manage files from the web.
  • Synchronize files in Windows with official App.
  • Reasonable plans: from 50GB for $ 1.29.


  • Incompatible with Android
  • integrates only with Apple apps.

Get account Here: iCloud Drive


It is more focused on companies with teamwork and safety characteristics.

Advantages :

  • 10GB of free storage.
  • Applications for computers and mobile devices.
  • integration with Slack, Google docs and Office 365
  • advanced options for collaboration
  • Unlimited storage in Business plan.
  • High security: Key management, government regulations.

Disadvantages :

  • More focused for business than personal use.
  • Limited broadband for the free version.

Get Free: Box

Cloud storage services


Although there are some monthly bandwidth limits, there is no limit on file size, which is great for syncing large media files.

  • PCloud is available for all computers and mobile platforms or if you prefer from the website you can also manage your files.
  • As for space, it gives you 20GB. Free and plans from 500GB for $ 4.99 per month.
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  • Register for Free and Download: PCloud


It is a good service for file synchronization and cloud backup. It has decent collaboration features. It is compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Regarding its capacity, it does not offer free space but it does offer a 14-day trial. Then you will have to choose a plan that starts at 30GB for $ 2.50 a month.
  • Register online: SugarSync


With lots of free space and a drag-and-drop web interface, MEGA is one of the great storage services. With its mobile application you can upload files and synchronize the photos from the phone.

  • Price: 50GB for free, 200GB for $ 4.99 a month.
  • Register Free Here: Mega


It is also one of the oldest cloud services but one that focuses on allowing you to share your files with unlimited downloads. Its application for Android and iOS mobile phones allows you to automatically upload videos and photos, manage files, share via links and upload files.

  • In the free version you get 10GB / 4G for files with bonuses up to 50GB with unlimited broadband and plans from $ 5 a month for 1TB.
  • Get Free: MediaFire

Amazon Drive

Get free 5Gb of Storage on Amazon’s servers. It also has desktop and mobile applications that allow you to make backup copies of photos and video automatically.

  • Get Free: Amazon Drive

Personal Cloud with Sygnology

If none of these services convince you with their features or prices, an alternative solution is a private cloud.

In an article on the benefits of having a Synology , I mentioned that it has the Cloud Station feature. which allows you to synchronize files between multiple devices and everything is saved on a NAS that you can have at home or in your company.

  • More information: Synology Cloud & File Synsing
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