Top30 Best Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular browser used by millions of people around the world.

One of the features that have helped it to be at the top is its Chrome Web Store extension and apps.

These extensions are like small programs that perform specific actions on the browser.

In Chrome Web Store there are thousands of extensions and for that reason I want to share the best extensions for Chrome that will help you in your personal life, work or study.

1. OneTab

Install | Web Store :  Having many tabs open makes your browser slow and consumes many resources. But with this extension you can save all open tabs in a list with just one click and save 95% memory. At any time you want, you can restore one tab or all at once.

2. Evernote Web Clipper

If you usually use a note application on your mobile or computer and your favorite is Evernote, this extension will help you create a note in Evernote with anything you see on the internet. This extension has functions of cropping, highlighting, adding text, labels and assigning a special notebook, etc. Install | Web Store

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3. Google Translate

Google Chrome allows us to translate an entire web page in any language with one click, but sometimes we only need to translate a word or phrase and not the entire website. That’s where this extension does its job. Just select the text and the google translator will show you the translation in a small window. Install | Web Store

4. Panic button

Hide all the tabs you have open by pressing a panic button. It is perfect for hiding sensitive content and suddenly someone else approaches the screen. Also, you can set a keyboard shortcut and password to reopen the tabs. Install | Web Store

5. Lastpass

Lastpass is a powerful password manager that allows us to save all passwords in an encrypted online vault. It can be used on any device (Android, iOS, Mac, PC). All username and password are synchronized. You only need a master password you can use to instantly log in to your browser or application. Install | Web Store

6. Pocket

Save any web page (Articles, images, videos) that you want to read later on your favorite device without internet connection. Just click on the pocket icon to save the site and if you want you can add one or more tags for better organization. Install | Web Store

7. Awesome Screenshot

Select and capture any part you want in the browser. Once you capture, add rectangles, text, arrows, hide regions with blur and share on any social network or download the capture in image format. Install | Web Store

8. Google Dictionary

Look at the definition of any word easily with this Google extension. Just select the word and a definition appears in a small rectangle. If you click on the application icon, it gives you the option to write the word to search for the definition. Install | Web Store

9. URL Shortener

Easily shorten any URL to make it easier to share the link on different social networks. Google Url shortener has statistics of how many clicks have clicked on the URL, references, browser used, location and platform. Install | Web Store

10. Google Calendar

Look at your calendar and agenda of the day easily with this extension for Chrome. Add new events by clicking on the calendar button or selecting a date from any website. Install | Web Store

11. Black Menu For Google

A useful extension to access google services (all) from any web page in a small window without leaving that window. When you open any services you get a preview or with one click you can open it in a new tab. Install | Chrome Web Store .

12. Infinity New Tab

Change the interface of the new chrome tab for a minimalist design with spectacular backgrounds, favorite web shortcuts and a small customizable search bar. Install | Chrome Web Store.

13. EmojiONE

Take the emojis from social networks and messaging apps on your google chrome. In a drop-down window you can find the emojis by categories that you can easily copy. Install | Chrome Web Store.

14. ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, Voice

Translate any text you select on a web page with one click. It automatically detects the language and translates it. Besides being able to listen to the translation, copy in one click, change the translation, use keyboard shortcuts to translate. Install | Chrome Web Store.

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