22 Best Firefox Add-ons (Improve Your Experience)

Firefox is still a strong browser , and with Chrome getting heavier than ever, many are looking back at their old friend Firefox as an alternative. Also, it still has one of the best extension libraries. Here are the essential Firefox extensions you need to get the most out of Mozilla Firefox.

They are plugins to download videos from any website, improve your productivity, increase security on the web and much more.

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Chances are, you will come across so many links, blogs and news in one day that you cannot possibly read everything at the time. Services like bookmarks and read later: Instapaper and Pocket for firefox are your two big options in this field, as is Readability .

All of them send the links to their respective services, removing their ads and formats, and it will give you a readable and pleasant version to later reread on any device you have. Instapaper , Pocket , or Readability

Add to Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of my favorite to-do apps, and the Firefox extension makes it even better.

With one click you can save any web content directly to your to-do lists, perfect for making detailed and actionable to-do lists. It’s fast, free, and flexible.

Evernote Web Clipper or OneNote Web Clipper

If you are an Evernote user and don’t have Evernote Web Clipper , you should definitely install it. With Web Clipper you get one of the best uses of Evernote. However, if you’re an Evernote user but disappointed by the recent price hike and restrictions on free accounts, Microsoft OneNote is a competitive alternative, and it comes with a built-in web grabber worth using.


A single password for everything is not recommended and a strong password you usually cannot remember, which is why you need a password manager to keep everything in order.

LastPass is our favorite, but Dashlane is another great alternative, easy to set up, and with comparable features.

Create strong passwords for you, log in automatically, and all of them can be accessed very easily if you need to manually enter data on each page or mobile app.

uBlock or AdBlock Plus

Some sites have excessive advertisements that get in your way when you browse, and others have advertisements that are downright misleading and make it difficult to find the «Download Now» you are really looking for. If you are tired of ads in your navigation, uBlock Origin (It is lighter and consumes less RAM) (or AdBlock Plus ) is the solution you need.


Everyone is trying to follow on the web and Disconnect is the benchmark. Disconnect stops ad trackers, social widgets, and tracking items before they load.

Greasemonkey and UserStyles

Sometimes you don’t need a full extension to do what you want, sometimes all you need is a little script. They are easy to install, easy to learn to type, and will give you full control over how you experience the web. Use Greasemonkey and userStyles to enhance YouTube, Gmail, or to organize Netflix.

High definition YouTube

There are a lot of annoyances on youtube that can only be fixed through extensions and YouTube High Definition is one of them.

This plugin offers the possibility to choose the resolution when loading the videos, auto-play or never play them, disable annotations, mute videos automatically and much more.

The best thing is that it extends its functions to other sites such as Facebook, Reddit and Twitter so as not to have to change the resolution, for example.

Tab Internet Plus – Total tab control

Completely master tabs in firefox with the help of Tab Internet Plus . It allows you to have full control and customizations of tabs.

For example deciding what to do when you open a tab, clone tabs by criteria, move, close, protect, reload and much more.

DownThemAll and Video DownloadHelper

With DownThemAll you completely change the way you download files: Download all the links, images or other objects on a web page, download files that meet certain criteria in one click, automatically rename files, and even increase your speeds. download.

While you’re at it, download videos with VideoDownloadHelper from YouTube and other streaming sites on your computer.

Xmarks – Synchronize Between Browsers

With a Firefox account you can sync your bookmarks and open tabs between your computers, but Xmarks is a much more comprehensive way by allowing you to sync between Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers with rules and criteria.

Find Offers and Discounts

Automatically search the web for coupons and discounts for the product you are buying online and apply them to your order. Always get the best prices with Honey . Another interesting alternative is InvisibleHand , but this one is in charge of looking for the lowest price in other sites and it lets you know.


Most use Facebook from their mobile application, but if you regularly visit Facebook from your PC, Social Fixer is the extension that will make Facebook work better.

Hide political topics, filter news with keywords, hide advertising, notify when a friend removes you, hide pages and much more.

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