10 Hidden Tricks in Dropbox Paper – Collaborative Docs

More than a document, Dropbox Paper is a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. While it’s a snap to get started, advanced users can get more than a doc with a few additional tools . Here are 10 hidden features for people who want to go beyond the basics.

Let’s say you’ve created a long document, but you would like to highlight a few key phrases. You can use keyboard shortcuts to highlight specific text and save time (cmd + E on Mac, ctrl + E on Windows).

2. Link without much fuss

Do you need to add a link? You just have to paste a URL directly over the text, and paper automatically creates a hyperlink… you don’t need to do anything else.

3. Connect documents on the go

Have you created a master document for other documents? Type + at any time to create new documents on the go. Have you already created related documents? Type + and find the title of an existing document to link to.

4. Count your emoji (or words, or characters)

Who says word count is the only stat that matters? Click the three dots in the upper right, select the word count, and then see the number of emoji in the doc. (You can also check whole words, selected words, and characters.)

5. Search with a personal touch

Perhaps you know that Sofia sent you some documents, but you are having trouble finding them. Type Sofia’s email into Paper’s search bar to find all publicly viewable documents associated with her.

6. Skip a step with screenshots

Have a screenshot or other image on the clipboard? There is no need to find the file or even drag and drop. You can just paste with keyboard shortcut (cmd + v on Mac, ctrl + v on PC), then you will see the whole image.

7. Drag, drop and reorder images

Have the images you need, but want to play around with how things look? Drag and drop any image, and paper intelligently organizes everything in its place.

8. Give credit where it is due

Maybe you want to start a new version of a document, but you want to know who wrote some parts of the text. Just copy the text, paste it into a new document, and Paper will keep all the same attributions on the left margin.

9. Find what you are looking for

Trying to navigate through a giant layout doc with dozens of sections and captions? You can always check the table of contents by hovering your mouse on the left side of the document. It is generated automatically and is based on the text format. Go to any section with one click.

10. Gather the whole team

Do you want to share more information across the company? Start by sharing a folder with your entire organization, then add documents. Each one will be automatically discoverable to all employees. Your coworkers can also add documents, helping your team quickly assemble an internal knowledge base.

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