Three ways to recover a corrupted PDF file

How to restore a corrupted document from Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader

Documents in the Adobe Reader / Acrobat format with the .pdf extension are commonly used. A PDF file, like any other file, can become corrupted, and when trying to open an Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader file, various error messages may be displayed. As a result, the document is unreadable.

The most frequent cause of these errors is the malfunction of various programs: browsers, mail programs, operating system, antivirus, firewalls, etc.

Simple ways to solve this problem:

  • Re-download the document from its original source;
  • Restore a copy of the document from a backup copy;
  • Restore a previous version of the document.

If the options described do not allow you to restore your document, Adobe does not offer a specific guide for restoring PDF files. There is no direct answer on the Adobe forums (, but users offer the following options to recover PDF files:

1. Manually extract the text from the PDF file.

2. Restore the PDF file with an online service.

3. Restore the PDF file with a special program.

We recommend that you try these options one at a time to try to recover damaged PDF files:

I. Manually extract text from PDF file

If you only need to extract the text from a corrupted PDF file, use your preferred text editor (for example, Notepad

II. Restore the PDF file with an online service

The simplest, most convenient and affordable online PDF file recovery service is here:

The user must do the following:

  • Select the PDF file and upload it to the service;
  • Specify an email address;
  • Write the characters of the CAPTCHA image.

After clicking the «Submit the file to restore» button, the browser will upload the file to the service. The online service will start file recovery immediately. If the PDF file can be restored, the screenshots of the recovered document, the original file size and the recovered file will be displayed:

After paying $ 5 for each file up to 100MB, the user will receive a link to download the recovered Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader PDF document.

The service is universal, since it works on all operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) and on all devices (desktops or laptops, tablets, phones, etc.).

III. Restore the PDF file with a special program

The most common and well-known Acrobat / Reader document recovery program is Recovery Toolbox for PDF ( ). This tool only works on the Windows operating system and costs a minimum of $ 27. The number and size of files that can be recovered are unlimited. The program does not allow to show a preview of the recovered data. In demo mode, only a few pages of a large file are saved.

The Recovery Toolbox for PDF program is a wizard that allows you to recover documents step by step. The user only needs:

  1. Select the file. corrupted pdf .
  2. Select the name of the new PDF file in which the recovered data will be saved.
  3. Select the version of the PDF file with the recovered data.

Attention: Recovery Toolbox for PDF only works on PCs with Windows operating system.


The most universal way to restore an Acrobat document is to use the online service . If the document is confidential and you don’t want to transfer it to third parties or you need to restore a large number of PDF files, the Recovery Toolbox for PDF tool would be the best solution.

Attention: PDF (Portable Document Format) is probably the most popular document format, since it is compatible with all operating systems, it is more secure, difficult to modify and, in addition, PDF documents can be protected by means of a password and trademarks. Water.

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