3 Ways: Remove Apple ID or password from your own iPhone

Forgot your Apple ID / iCloud or your screen unlock password? Don’t worry, IMyFone has the solution with the LockWiper program to easily access your Smartphone without the need to permanently delete your files through three modes of operation:

  1. Lock screen passcode
  2. Apple ID / iCloud
  3. Screen Time password

Way # 1: Apple ID / iCloud

Step 1: You must start the application from a computer and click on «unlock Apple ID», then connect the iOS device to the laptop and select the trust icon to be able to transfer data from both devices

Step 2: To delete the Apple ID and iCloud, click on the «start to unlock» window

NOTE : In case the Find My iPhone function is enabled, all settings must be reset from the settings – general menu and restart the device so that the application allows you to create a new account or Apple ID different from the one frequently used

Way # 2: Lock Screen Passcode

If you do not remember how to unlock your iPhone screen, or due to the number of unsuccessful attempts you can no longer access it, you just have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: On your computer, open iMyFone LockWiper to select the «unlock screen password» mode, then you must connect your mobile device and click next to continue.

Step 2: The Firmware will detect which model your device is and will automatically provide a version ready for download. Click on “Download”, when the download has finished, click on “start extracting” and wait a few minutes until the process is complete

Step 3: Next, click on »Start Unlocking”, read the prompt on the screen and enter the code 000000, then click on »unlock» and your device will remove the lock in a matter of minutes

Way # 3: Access Password to Screen Time

Step 1 : Launch the application on your computer and click: »Unlock Screen Time Password» connect your iPhone or iPad and note the iOS version that your iPhone has

Note : For versions higher or equal to iOS 12 click on: «Start to unlock» and continue, if Find My iPhone is disabled, the application will begin to remove the Screen Time access code on your Smartphone

If your iPhone version is lower than iOS 11, click the «Start to unlock» icon and the app will remove the passcode automatically


• Keep your device always connected to the computer

• If your device cannot be recognized, you can put it into DFU mode manually.

• Please note that your device can be completely reset and all files will be erased.

Download iMyFone LockWiper

The application has a 1-month free trial and a basic plan with a special offer for $ 29.9USD , so you can continue to enjoy it without any inconvenience the rest of the year.

Web Link: iMyFone LockWiper

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